Top Picks for PC Gaming with Friends: Co-op Edition


Playing video games with friends is always a great way to spend quality time together. The cooperative (co-op) gaming experience allows you and your friends to work together, strategize, and overcome challenges as a team. In this blog post, we will explore the top picks for PC gaming with friends in 2024, focusing on co-op games that offer exciting gameplay and endless fun.

1. “Helldivers 2”

Building on the popularity of its predecessor, “Helldivers 2” elevates cooperative top-down twin-stick shooting to new heights. Join an elite force of soldiers known as the Helldivers and take on procedurally generated missions across many planets. The game emphasises teamwork and communication as you and your pals collaborate to achieve tasks, call in strategic backup, and fight off unrelenting alien threats. With its hard complexity and dynamic mission structure, “Helldivers 2” provides a cooperative experience that requires both skill and teamwork.

2. “Deep Rock Galactic”

In “Deep Rock Galactic,” you and your companions play space dwarves who work for an intergalactic mining enterprise. Descend into dynamically generated tunnels to gather lucrative materials and fight against deadly alien creatures. Each player is assigned to a distinct class with specific abilities that emphasise teamwork and strategic preparation. The complex settings, diverse mission types, and constant threat of swarming make “Deep Rock Galactic” an engaging cooperative game that blends exploration, mining, and violent battle.

3. “The Division 2”

For lovers of tactical shooters and cooperative online experiences, “The Division 2” provides an engaging post-pandemic setting in which you and your friends become agents working to restore order in Washington, D.C. The game has a full multiplayer mode that includes objectives, strongholds, and dynamic events. Cooperation is essential as you customise your agent, acquire strong gear, and work with your team to overcome difficult endgame content. With its wide universe, fascinating narrative, and frequent updates, “The Division 2” offers a rewarding co-op experience that combines action, strategy, and progression.

4. “Overwatch”

One of the most popular co-op games in recent years, “Overwatch” continues to captivate players with its fast-paced action and diverse roster of heroes. Join forces with your friends and engage in intense team-based battles, where each player’s unique abilities and roles contribute to the overall success of the team. With regular updates and new content, “Overwatch” guarantees hours of thrilling gameplay and endless fun.

5. “Sea of Thieves”

If you and your friends have ever dreamt of becoming pirates, “Sea of Thieves” is the perfect game for you. Embark on a swashbuckling adventure across a vast open world, where you can sail the high seas, explore mysterious islands, and engage in epic naval battles. Team up with your crewmates to navigate treacherous waters, discover hidden treasures, and fend off rival pirates. “Sea of Thieves” offers a unique co-op experience that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours on end.

6. “Monster Hunter World”

In “Monster Hunter World,” you and your friends become members of the Fifth Fleet, tasked with exploring a vast and dangerous new world filled with fearsome monsters. Work together to track down and hunt these creatures, collecting valuable resources and crafting powerful weapons and armor along the way. With its immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and challenging quests, “Monster Hunter World” provides an unforgettable co-op experience that will test your teamwork and strategic skills.

7. “Risk of Rain 2”

“Risk of Rain 2” is a challenging co-op game that combines fast-paced action with roguelike elements. Crash-landed on an alien planet, you and your friends must fight hordes of hostile creatures while collecting powerful artifacts and upgrading your abilities. With its dynamic gameplay and procedurally generated levels, “Risk of Rain 2” offers endless replayability and a cooperative experience that will put your teamwork and reflexes to the test.

8. “Back 4 Blood”

For those who enjoy heart-pounding, cooperative first-person shooter action, “Back 4 Blood” is a must-play in 2024. Developed by the creators of the acclaimed “Left 4 Dead” series, this game plunges you and your friends into a world overrun by deadly, mutated creatures. Work together to survive the onslaught, utilizing a variety of weapons and strategic teamwork.


Co-op gaming with friends on PC is a fantastic way to bond, have fun, and create lasting memories. The games mentioned above, including “Overwatch,” “Sea of Thieves,” “Monster Hunter World,” “Back 4 Blood,” and “Risk of Rain 2,” offer exciting co-op experiences that are sure to keep you and your friends entertained in 2024. So gather your friends, grab your gaming gear, and embark on thrilling adventures together!


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